Thursday, July 2, 2015

Introducing First Ever Blogging E-newspaper

Introducing First Ever Blogging E-newspaper
Yeah, you heard right, "A Blogging E-newspaper". Today the Blogging Easier Team has introduced the first ever e-newspaper for blogging! We the people sitting 24/7 in front of our smart L-pads or PCs, always search for introducing free new services to help you improve your blog, build backlinks and promote your posts.

And today also we give you again a chance to join us and promote your content for free. You can Blow Your Trump on our spaces at "The Blogging Easier Daily", for FREE. This is a golden chance for you to reach hundreds of people. 

What Is The Newspaper All About?

As the name suggests, this newspaper is all about Blogging!
  1. Blogging Tips
  2. Secrets From Pro-Bloggers.
  3. Daily Updates From Different Sources
  4. Discussion corner
  6. Videos

How Is It Important To You?


The Blogging Easier Daily has been the first ever blogging e-newspaper on the net. It is the richest source of updates and tips about blogging, under one heading, ever published on the net. 

What It Means?
It means now you don't have to visit every blog in your list to check the updates, neither to log on several social networks for getting tips from pro-bloggers and nor to waste your precious time in searching helpful content on money minded search engines: "Google".

All you have to do is to switch on your laptop, and check The Blogging Easier Daily Digest for all crunchy updates. And we bet that in just few mins you can have a look at all blog-o-sphere updates.

And Yeah The Most Important Thing Is That "The Bloggingg Easier Daily" Is Updated Twice Daily 

As a Publisher:

Publishing your content on The Blogging Easier Daily will be a great help to you. And the most important thing is you have to do nothing!!!

  1. Don't have to share your content every time you publish.
  2. Don't have to spend time on publishing you content on the e-newspaper.
  3. Don't have to spend money in publishing your content.
Then what you have to really do:
  1. Just apply for the placement and that's it!!!
Really cool, yeah? 

Some Of Our Publishers

The following uses our service to share their content around the world. Why Don't you!

How To Apply?

You just have to fill the form below and apply! But be fast!
  1. We just have only 20 publisher seats. 
  2. Publisher Application Form will close after 15 July.
  3. Out of 20:
    1. 3 seats are reserved for youtube channels.
    2. 5 seats for Twitter Handlers.
  4. The list of publishers accepted will be released on 16 July.
  5. However the e-newspaper will be live from 5 July.